Humans of Cardiff

16 Aug 2016


City of the Unexpected

City of the Unexpected participants share their Dahl inspired imagination with us. 

Dyma berfformiwr 'City of th Unexpected' yn rhannu ychydig o’i ddychymyg Dahlaidd.

Rachel Dunston

Name: Effie Squigbottom

Location: Red Dragon Centre

Favourite Recipe: Peach Mud Surprise

Mischevious Behaviours: Would play Dead Ants to disrupt the class at school

Description of Roald Dahl's City of the Unexpected: Fun, Mischevious, Colloasal


Clêr Stephens 

Enw: Shleppen Hoff

Hoff Stori: The Twits

Lleoliad: Castell

Ymddygiad drygionus: Taflu cerrig at geir

Disgrifiad o 'Roald Dahl's City of the Unexpected': 'Magical' 'Surprise'


Eilidh Brailey

Name: Elias Brailoo

Location: Cardiff Castle

Favourite Recipe: Cake that turns you invisible

Mischevious Behaviours: Adds gravy granules to shower heads to surprise her friends with a gravy shower

Description of Roald Dahl's City of the Unexpected: Mysterious, Exciting and Magical


Kathy Lye

Name: Kathryn Lye

Aspiration: Star in Matilda

Location: Cardiff Bay

Favourite Recipe: Chocolate Lasagne with chocolate and strawberry laces

Mischevius Behaviours: Tying up family members whilst they're sleeping

Description of Roald Dahl's City of the Unexpected: Exciting, different and Dahlesk


Carl Jones

Name: Big Friendly Carl

Profile: Tall, stocky and friendly

Location: Cardiff Castle

Mischievous Behaviours: Terrifies racing drivers by suggesting a fault with their car before a race

Favourite Recipe: Funky Lasagne that can turn you invisible

Description of Roald Dahl’s City of the Unexpected: Amazing, Scrumptious & Wonderful





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